Visual Evoked Potentials module

It is an extension of functionality to all EEG DigiTrack family devices.

The EEGDigiTrack VEP module

stands out with its user-friendly interface and innovative methods of visualization of gathered potentials. Apart from the preview of averaged potentials (the mode of  comparing of several tests) there is a possibility of viewing, marking  and rejecting momentary potentials. There are many unique solutions  such as cursor showing signal parameters (ms, uV), three display  modes of averaged signal, possibility of defining own combinations of  waves, the full configuration of the stimulation parameters.

Functions of the EEGDigiTrack VEP module:

  • cursor showing signal parameters [milliseconds, microvolts],
  • three modes of average signal presentation: final averages, partial averages [imposed], partial averages [separated in vertical],
  • the ability to define your own [inserted automatically] sets of waves,
  • configuration of type (flash / pattern) of stimulation parameters: frequency and stimulus randomization, number of averages, after which the stimulation automatically stops,
  • pattern settings: stripes, trellis, field: quadrant, half, entire screen, fixation point settings: shape, color and location.

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