CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner

Allows to use toilet without flushing water, in perfect sanitary conditions.

Liner with drawstring ties, suitable for all types of large commode buckets or bedpans (large models for obese patients), pans, and WCs, with a super absorbent pad (capacity approx. 16 oz or 450 ml of body fluids, 0.9% saline equivalent). CareBag liner is the unique combination of a liner with easy easy closure and an integrated super absorbent GelMax® pad. The pad will turn into gel liquids upon first contact. Once sealed, it significantly reduces the risk of spills, splashes and odors. It also protects the toilet bowl, avoiding its soiling and contamination related to its handling.


  • Does not discharge hazardous substances in the water network (chemioterapic patients)
  • Enables the use of conventional toilets in the absence of water, under perfect hygienic conditions

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