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This website does not automatically collect any information except for the information contained in cookies. By using the pages of this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the policy below. If you do not agree to the use of cookies by our website, you should change your browser settings accordingly or refrain from using the pages of this website.

Data Protection Officer Elżbieta Mańkowska

email: iod@elmiko.pl

phone: 22 644 37 37

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored and stored on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other end device when a user visits various websites on the Internet. A cookie typically contains: the name of the website from which it originates, the “lifetime” (duration of its existence), and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser through which the connection to the website is made.

2. What are cookies used for?

On this website, cookies are used to:

  • maintain the user’s session on the website (after logging in), so that re-logging is not required on each subpage of the website,
  • collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow the creators of this website to understand how the website pages are used and help improve their functionality and content,
  • facilitate the use of the website.

3. How long are data stored in cookies?

Two types of cookies are used on the website:

  • session cookies – remain on the user’s end device until the end of the session on the website,
  • persistent cookies – remain on the user’s device until they are deleted or until their lifetime ends.

4. Types of cookies used within the website:

NECESSARY: Always Active

Necessary cookies are crucial for the basic functions of the website and the site will not work as intended without them. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.


Cookies installed to understand how the user uses the website so we can improve it. Functional cookies enable greater functionality and personalization of the site.


Social media plugins are used on the site. Social media cookies are used to link the user’s activity on our website with their social media profiles so that the content the user sees on our site and social media better reflects their interests.


Cookies used to increase the relevance of ads and support obtaining high-quality content on this site. If you do not agree, the ads shown may be less relevant.


Technical cookies are primarily used to provide services electronically and are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. Due to their nature, technical cookies do not require user consent and are always active.


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