Cleanis Gelmax Powder (Buttle)

Easy, sanitary disposal of blood, vomit, or other liquids.

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GelMax powder

is a powder made of super-absorbent crystals with exceptional functionalities. It is capable of absorbing liquids as urine and biological fluids. The gelification processus begins at the first contact with the fluids, by forming a compact mixture which limits bad odors and the dispersion of microorganisms. Allows a rapid gelification of liquids. Reduces the risk of dispersion of microorganisms. Avoids bad odors by stopping the transformation of urea in ammonia, the molecule responsible for bad odors. GelMax super-absorbent powder is integrated in several products, as GelMax pad, the GelMax Ultra and Duo mats, and the GelMax OPE150 Absorbent Sheet.

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