Cadwell EMG/NCV/EP Sierra Summit Device

The world's first EMG/NCV testing apparatus with a fully integrated ultrasound module.

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is proud to present the world's first EMG / NCV testing apparatus with fully integrated ultrasound module. As the only in the world, the Sierra® Summit ™ has been equipped with an ultrasound module with a head, which makes it an indispensable diagnostic device. It is the first EMG apparatus that additionally uses ultrasound, thanks to which it is the most advanced system for studying neurological disorders. The unquestionable advantage of this solution is the ability to perform ultrasonic testing without switching between two separate devices or even applications. At the moment everything can be done at one Sierra Summit.

Cadwell EMG/NCV/EP Sierra Summit Device

is the latest and most advanced system for studying neurological disorders. Cadwell is the undisputed leader in the neurophysiology market at present, setting a new standard for ENG / EMG / EP testing. Cadwell is the producer of the first EMG microprocessor device in the world. He has nearly 40 years of experience in the construction of EMG cameras on the market. Thanks to this, in 2014, he introduced a completely new EMG Sierra SUMMIT camera. Sierra SUMMIT is the successor of the popular Sierra WAVE model. The camera's innovation is based on a completely new design and introduced functionalities both from the design side and the software. These features make it the best diagnostic tool for small offices performing basic research. In turn, thanks to the possibility of expanding the device - it is an ideal solution for hospitals and large clinics.

The most advanced and most modern design:

  • the possibility of configuration in a stationary version with a PC computer or a portable version with a laptop and the possibility of transport in a dedicated transport case,
  • communication of the base unit with a PC using the USB 3.0 standard, max. data transmission speed up to 480MB/s,
  • the amplifier's head has a built-in AD converter, thanks to which a digital signal is sent to the base unit, which influences the elimination of artifacts from the surroundings,
  • the Sierra Summit system is equipped with a camera base unit equipped with optimally selected key and knob configurations and high quality two low-resistance loudspeakers,
  • the set includes a functional StimTroller PLUS electric stimulator console that allows you to control all test protocols, including triggering a single / repeated stimulus, parameter adjustments, acceptance of the result, change of polarization and has 3 freely programmable buttons built in,
  • the offer includes two models of heads: a two-channel head and a large head allowing any configuration max. 12 channels,
  • offered heads as the only ones on the market have built-in modules for testing the correct operation of electrodes,
  • as the only camera equipped with color-coded LEMO quick connectors to enable quick and trouble-free connection of the pacemakers and the head to the base unit.

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