2-channel EEGDigiTrack CFM [aEEG] device

This is the real breakthrough in neurophysiology

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The EEGDigiTrack CFM [aEEG] 2-channel device

is the basic version in the DigiTrack EEG line. Thanks to the two-channel head, connecting the device to the patient is extremely simple and fast. Only need to stick two electrodes using special paste - on the right and left sides on the central belt of the head and the reference electrode on the forehead. The device shows the current resistance of the electrodes, which facilitates the correct EEG recording. On the screen we can follow both: the course of the EEG signal and the EEG trend record in a long period of time - from each hemisphere separately, from each electrode separately. You can also follow the average recording from all channels, as well as integrated records: EEG signal course, saturation curve [Sp02], heart rate record [HR]. The unique function of the camera is to automatically highlight the color of clinical events such as: burst-supression, epileptic like activity, depression and correct [normal]. Innovation is also the possibility of synchronized video monitoring and visualization of results using three-dimensional mapping and space-time mapping [optional options], as well as many possible analyzes - including FFT, CSA, DSA.

Recommendations for CFM [aEEG]monitoring:

  • evaluation of Central Nervous System functions,
  • start of hypothermic treatment and monitoring during hypothermia,
  • convulsions and convulsions treatment effects,
  • premature birth - it is recommended to monitor all patients who at birth weigh less than 1500 g,
  • perinatal hypoxia,
  • meningitis,
  • hydrocephalus,
  • monitoring central nervous system during serious viral infections (cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis).

Advantages of EEGDigiTrack CFM [aEEG] monitoring:

  • lower number and severity of early and late neurological complications in intensive therapy,
  • possibility to monitor the effects of convulsion treatment,
  • EEG monitoring during hypothermia,
  • shorter hospitalization and treatment costs due to lesser number and severity of complications in intensive therapy,
  • larger percentage of survival of premature children with small or very small body mass,
  • improved comfort for intensive care patients,
  • possibility to optimize medical treatment in intensive treatment wards.

Why should you choose EEGDigiTrack CFM [aEEG]?

  • ELMIKO - experienced Polish producer of medical devices,
  • professional, experienced service in Poland,
  • experienced team of engineers and IT specialists who continuously work to develop better solutions,
  • EEGDigiTrack devices are sold in many countries across the globe,
  • several thousand sold EEGDigiTrack devices,
  • possibility to adapt software for the user's needs,
  • the lowest price on the market,
  • software updates at least once a year.

EEGDigiTrack CFM [aEEG] family of devices includes the most advanced equipment for neurological and cardiological monitoring currently available:

  • modern EEG CFM headbox with EEG, ECG, saturation and heart rate measuring,
  • a new, touchscreen-adapted, exceptionally user-friendly user interface,
  • completely new networked, dispersed, multi-station EEGDigiTrack Manager database automatically synchronises examinations, descriptions and other data with any computer, eliminating the need for a data server,
  • HL7 standard compatible with the ability to create plug-ins for individual users,
  • ability to define alarms for saturation, heart rate, amplitude and electrode impedance,
  • advanced CSA and DSA analyses, able to present 3D maps in on-line and off-line mode,
  • FFT analysis, able to present a variety of graph visualisations or numerical data,
  • extensive medical events database with over 400 pre-defined positions,
  • innovative feature of electrode montage selection before the examination with "starting tiles",
  • optional multi-camera videometry with optical and digital zoom to monitor your patient on several feeds at once,   
  • ability to create interactive notes and inserting markers during monitoring,
  • Possibility of analyzing any chosen fragment of EEG record  from left or right hemisphere in terms of frequency of  individual waves, determining dominant wave and wave voltage within specific frequencies,
  • on-line impedance measurement, clear in-examination impedance presentation as a recording-integrated map or curve,
  • unique feature of automatic recording colouring in regard to registered voltage (Normal, EpiLa, Burst-Suppresion, Depression),
  • ability to simultaneously monitor cardio, Sp02 and plethysmography,
  • incredible flexibility in equipment configuration,
  • possibility for licence trainings accredited by the Polish Society for Clinical Neurophysiology,
  • possibility to receive individual clinical training in renowned university clinics.

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