3D Mapping Module

Additional functionality of the EEGDigiTrack.

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3D Mapping Module

generates and presents the map's projection onto a 3D head or brain model. Advanced algorithms and numerous transformations like  Surface Current Density, Coherence Mapping, Potential Change Velocity, Relative and Absolute Power Spectrum, or Potential Asymmetry Mapping, Dominant Frequency and Centre of Gravity Mapping  place our mapping among the world leaders of EEG analysis software.

Standard features:

  • display of 2-D and 3-D brain maps - also in Virtual Reality (VR goggles included!),
  • displaying the isometric maps,
  • displaying several maps of a selected range,
  • projecting maps onto a head or brain model,
  • free rotation of a head or brain model,
  • map zoom in and zoom out,
  • displaying the animated maps of selected time interval,
  • exporting results to HTML,
  • displaying the 2-D and 3-D brain maps,
  • colour or a grey-scale printing.

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