Polysomnography module

The unique capabilities of the EEGDigiTrack PSG sleep registration and analysis module.

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Polysomnography module 

It is your new, advanced sleep lab. EEGDigiTrack PSG optional module is an extension kit for all EEGDigiTrack family systems. The module records and analyses in sleep examinations. Includes for example: automatic  analysis of sleep stages, hypnograms creation and comparison, automatic detection of spindles and K-complexes, automatic artefact detection and removal, independent component and wavelet analyses, automatic report and sleep statistics generation, filtering with standard or user-configured filters. LUPA improves the analysis of long data fragments and hypnograms and a precise measuring tool allows the user to analyze precisely each graphic element of the PSG. It is possible to connect any type of electrophysiological sensor, e.g. Sp02, breathing, limb movement, body position, snoring, air flow, EMG, EOG and other. Moreover, it is possible to connect a multi-camera videometry subsystem and other synchronised PSG examination posts - the EEGDigiTrack system can be used to fully equip a polisomnography room.

We present selected options of the EEGDigiTrack PSG module:

  • the possibility of online viewing of a study registered at another station,
  • the possibility of connecting the videometry recording the recording from one or two cameras in the night mode (when the room is darkened),
  • extensive medical event manager, with a database containing over 400 predefined items and the possibility of any event edition,
  • digital measuring line allowing for precise analysis of each PSG recording graphic,
  • possibility of creating interactive notes and inserted markers during recording and signal analysis,
  • automatic analysis and determination of sleep stages,
  • creating and comparing hypnograms,
  • automatic detection of spindles and K complexes,
  • automatic detection and removal of artifacts,
  • independent component analysis (ICA),
  • time-frequency (wavelet) analysis of EEG signals,
  • automatic generation of reports and any selected sleep statistics,
  • filtering using filters freely configured by the user,
  • a unique LUPA function that facilitates the analysis of long fragments of the record and the hypnogram,
  • data export for various formats (edf, ASCII, html, excel, pdf),
  • export of tests and descriptions to any medium (CD/DVD/SD/pendrive),
  • import of tests from other EEG devices through the edf format.

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