EEGDigiTrack MultiEEG_32

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EEGDigiTrack MultiEEG_32 device:

EEG device with two stations, used in medical facilities where a lot of EEG examinations are performed. Two separate stations allow independent work of persons performing and describing examinations.

It is a very efficient, user-friendly tool for routine clinical EEG. The newest and most advanced 32-channel EEG amplifier and many additional modules allows to make a full range of neurological diagnostics. The EEGDigiTrack MultiEEG_32 amplifier (equipped with wide range of sensors) can be also used for polysomnography.

EEGDigiTrack MultiEEG_32 characteristic features:

  • NEW! 32-channels ExG-32 headbox with wireless communication (with Sp02 module and a patient's button),
  • a new, touch screen-adapted, exceptionally user-friendly user interface,
  • completely new networked, dispersed, multi-station EEGDigiTrack Manager database automatically synchronises examinations, descriptions and other data with any computer, eliminating the need for a data server,
  • ability to conduct EEG analysis on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) with Windows OS.,
  • optional multi-camera videometry with optical and digital zoom to monitor your patient on several feeds at once
  • ability to turn video recording on and off independently from EEG,
  • extensive, user-editable, medical events manager, with a database of over 400 pre-defined options,
  • ability to create interactive notes and inserting markers during EEG recording,
  • new, advanced CSA and DSA signals analyses,
  • multi-dimensional FFT analysis,
  • new 3D mapping algorithms,
  • advanced electrocorticographic mapping to automatically recognize and register signals from all types of reference electrodes,
  • ability to connect with a corticographic stimulator,
  • automatic artefact detection,
  • automatic spike detection,
  • independent component analysis (ICA),
  • new function - back averaging,
  • LORETA analysis integration,
  • new, optional polisomnography module with automatic analyses of artefacts and sleep spindles as well as automatic hypnogram,
  • a new module for Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP),
  • an optional module for EEG (aEEG) signal trend analysis for long-term neurological and cardiological monitoring,
  • HL7 standard compatible, with ability to create own plug-ins,
  • extraordinary configuration flexibility and easy way to translate the software to any language with a specially designed application.

Data sheet

ExG-32 headbox parameters
1. 33-channel headbox
2. WIFI or USB connection
3. 22 reference channels
4. 10 bipolar channels with seperate reference for each channel!
5. POX channel
6. ONLINE impedance (from headbox and software)
7. Impedance saved to EEG file
8. Automatic calibration
9. LED impedance indicator
10. 24-bits A/D converter
11. Flashlamp with build in battery
12. Possibility of connecting Event Marker and Fotodetector

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