Extremely accurate and fast locator of actiCap active electrodes in 3D space.

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presents a new extremely accurate and fast actiCap active electrode locator in 3D space. The lightweight and handy scanner is equipped with two integrated cameras, which thanks to advanced software allow to determine the position of active electrodes in an extremely short time. Determining the position of 128 electrodes takes less than 5 minutes to the trained system user.

Advantages of CapTrak:

  • Light and handy,
  • Facilitates work and improves possible incorrect settings of electrodes,
  • Accurate - compatible with the 3D scan to the millimeter,
  • Fast - with a 128 channel cap with electrodes, the scan is completed after five minutes,
  • Intelligent - during the scan, the software informs about any inconsistencies with the predictable setting, awaiting the user's decision regarding further work continuation.

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