Stimulator tDCS NeuroConn DC-STIMULATOR

Transcranial stimulation using weak electrical currents changes the electrical charge in the nerve cell membranes for several minutes. This action serves to strengthen or weaken the excitability of brain cells.

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Stimulator tDCS NeuroConn DC-STIMULATOR

Scientific and clinical studies conducted in recent years have shown that transcranial DC stimulation (tDCS) is a recognized treatment for various brain disorders and is used as a therapeutic element in clinical practice.

DC-STIMULATOR properties:

  • Microprocessor control of DC power source,
  • 1 channel - possible unipolar and bipolar stimulation,
  • High security standard due to multi-stage monitoring of current properties,
  • Stimulation mode: single (continuous stimulation, adjustable, rise and fall time of the current),
  • Pacing mode: pulsating (cyclic activation / deactivation of stimulation, adjustable pulse length and interval),
  • Test mode option for "blind" stimulation and pseudostimulation, coded from the list of 200 codes, independently adjustable settings (can be saved to avoid accidental change of test parameters) *,
  • External output.

Areas of application/treatment:

  • Stroke - improvement of motor skills, improvement of memory,
  • Migraine - reducing the tendency to migraine attacks and their frequency,
  • Epilepsy - reduction and complete resolution of attacks, possible reduction of drug doses,
  • Tinnitus - reduction of noise intensity and their occurrence,
  • Others - depression, chronic headaches, dementia, multiple sclerosis, spasticity and Parkinson's disease.

*We are a supplier of transcranial DC stimulators (tDCS, tACS, tRNS), which are valued all over the world because they have CE marking and are compatible with fMRI.

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