Mobile NIRs system for neuroimaging in motion.


a mobile NIRs imaging system in motion. NIRSport 88 is a freely configurable, battery-powered fNIRS system composed of 8 sources (source) and 8 detectors (detectors). This ultra-light system (1kg) combines LED technology with innovative active sensor technology, creating a mobile solution for NIRs measurements. NIRSport also offers the possibility of tandem tests thanks to two separate systems synchronized for simultaneous operation. This doubles the density of the source-detector system (up to 32 positions on the head). The NIRSport system gives researchers great opportunities to develop the range of neuroimaging applications when the primary goal is to collect data in an open space.


  • BCI,
  • autism,
  • alertness of the driver / pilot,
  • assessment of post-traumatic brain injuries and rehabilitation,
  • interactive cognitive research.

Features of the NIRSport system:

  • battery power supply,
  • mobility,
  • LED light sources,
  • active sensors,
  • elastically defined user placement of optods,
  • the ability to work and imaging in the Tandem system,
  • compatibility with EEG,
  • real-time display,
  • wireless data stream in real time,
  • open data format compatible with a wide range of analytical platforms.