MagVenture MagPro R100

The MagPro R100 is an advanced, high-performance magnetic stimulator ideal for neuronal and muscular stimulation. The MagPro R100 is a high quality stimulator developed for clinical research within rehabilitation.  The MagPro R100 performs stimulation rates up to 100 pps at relatively low intensities, which is suitable for neuronal and muscular stimulation.


  • Examining the physiology of the motor pathways in the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Examining the functional aspects of motor nerve stimulation
  • Monitoring of muscle function through physiological stimulation.


  • Biphasic waveform
  • Stimulation rate up to 100 pps
  • Different operating modes to ease stimulation.
    • Single stimulus mode
    • Continuous and train mode
    • Pulse mode and Train mode with adjustable number of trains and rest periods
    • Ramp powered mode with adjustable ramp-up, ramp-down and plateau time
    • Sweep frequency mode with adjustable rising, falling and plateau frequency time
    • Traverse mode with automatic adjustment of the stimulation time versus the length of the stimulation area.

Ease Of Use

  • MagPro R100 is designed to be simple and intuitive so you can attain the best performance in the shortest time.
  • Ergonomic design with simplified one-handed operation
  • Stimulation control via the coil handle and/or footswitch
  • Dedicated function keys for direct operation
  • Automatic calculation of sequence duration versus train and frequency.