EEGDigiTrack SimplEEG_42

It stands out with advanced software, although extremely easy and intuitive in everyday use.

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EEGDigiTrack simpleEEG_42 device

It is a very efficient, user-friendly tool for routine clinical EEG. The state-of-the-art 42-channel EEG amplifier and many additional modules allows to make a full range of neurological diagnostics. The EEGDigiTrack simpleEEG_42 amplifier (equipped with wide range of sensors) can be also used for polysomnography.

EEGDigiTrack simplEEG_42 characteristic features:

  • EEG signal acquisition from headboxes from 42 to 256 channels (with Sp02 module and a patient's button),
  • a new, touch screen-adapted, exceptionally user-friendly user interface,
  • completely new networked, dispersed, multi-station EEGDigiTrack Manager database automatically synchronises examinations, descriptions and other data with any computer, eliminating the need for a data server,
  • ability to conduct EEG analysis on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) with Windows OS.,
  • optional multi-camera videometry with optical and digital zoom to monitor your patient on several feeds at once
  • ability to turn video recording on and off independently from EEG,
  • extensive, user-editable, medical events manager, with a database of over 400 pre-defined options,
  • ability to create interactive notes and inserting markers during EEG recording,
  • new, advanced CSA and DSA signals analyses,
  • multi-dimensional FFT analysis,
  • new 3D mapping algorithms,
  • advanced electrocorticographic mapping to automatically recognize and register signals from all types of reference electrodes,
  • ability to connect with a corticographic stimulator,
  • automatic artefact detection,
  • automatic spike detection,
  • independent component analysis (ICA),
  • new function - back averaging,
  • LORETA analysis integration,
  • new, optional polisomnography module with automatic analyses of artefacts and sleep spindles as well as automatic hypnogram,
  • a new module for Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP),
  • an optional module for EEG (aEEG) signal trend analysis for long-term neurological and cardiological monitoring,
  • HL7 standard compatible, with ability to create own plug-ins,
  • extraordinary configuration flexibility and easy way to translate the software to any language with a specially designed application.

Data sheet

Basic parameters of the EEGDigiTrack 1042 head:
● 16-bit A / D converter and stable communication via LAN TCP/IP interface
● 16-bit digital transducer
● 32 EEG channels + 8 printing channels
● 42-channel, modern head of biological amplifiers
● SpO2 saturation measurement channel and patient button (event button)
● automatic calibration of the head
● built-in 50/60 Hz line filter
● fotostymulator LED z regulacją w zakresie 0,5-60 Hz
● impedance measurement directly on the head or from the software level
● impedance signaling by LEDs in a 5-level scale connection of electrodes via TP connectors DIN 42802 or 40-pin multi-connector
● impedancja wejściowa większa niż 100 Mohm
● integrated insulator
● regulacja skali czasu 0,03-10 s
● szum wejściowy mniejszy niż 2 μV pp
● wysoka czułość 10 μV/cm – 2 mV/cm

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