3-channel module EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback

The offere is in very attractive price, because the module is designed to be connected to your own computer or laptop.

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3-channel module EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback

For more advanced therapists we recommend a 3-channel moduł EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback VR [2xEEG + 1xSpO2/HR] with the ability to measure blood saturation and heart-rhythm, which allows to get complete information about the patient's condition during therapy/training.
A new feature is the opportunity to work with VR games - designed in the virtual reality technology. Thanks to the 3-D glasses, the patient sees a fully three-dimensional image, which allows you to move into a completely new, different dimension of training.

The Biofeedback VR workout option is now completely FREE [with 3-D projection glasses].

New EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback VR features:

  • real-time measurement and map of impedance [on-line],
  • the ability to measure EEG / EKG / SpO2 / HR [for 3 and 5 channel heads],
  • network, multi-station EEGDigiTrack Manager database,
  • defining your own training protocols,
  • optional QEEG analysis with full, multivariate EEG signal analysis,
  • learning curve showing the progress and dynamics of changes in therapy,
  • creating interactive notes during the session,
  • preview of the boards on the therapist's screen during therapy,
  • a rich base of stimulating boards - for patients with various dysfunctions,
  • optional BF FILM board - therapy with your favorite patient films.

Data sheet

Basic parameters of the EEGDigiTrack 1042 head:

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