2-channel module EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback

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2-channel module EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback 

EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)

is commonly called "the therapy of the 21st century". It bases on the functional and anatomical flexibility of nervous system. Training using this method improves brain's effectiveness, strengthens the control over body's physiological process, helps to relax and better cope with difficult situations, develops creativity and positive thinking, improves the speed and effectiveness of learning. Through the electrodes placed on the patient's head the therapist measures brainwave activity. The computer analyses these recordings and accordingly makes changes in the biofeedback game which the patient tries to control using only his mind (without using a keyboard or a mouse). The therapist, basing on the qualitative and quantitative recording of brainwaves presented on his screen, sets training parameters suitable for the patient. Biofeedback game's dynamics motivates the patient to focus more and teaches them how to concentrate. The training is selected so the game positively corresponds with the patient's state of relaxation.

NEW! 3-D games in Virtual Reality! (free goggles included). 

New features of EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback VR:

  • modern EEG Biofeedback headbox with EEG, ECG, saturation and heart rate measuring,
  • new, touchscreen-adapted, exceptionally user-friendly user interface,
  • networked, multi-station EEGDigiTrack Manager database,
  • ability to define own training protocols,
  • QEEG qualitative analysis for defining patient's advantages and deficiencies,
  • on-line measurement and impedance map,
  • convenient view of the game screen on therapist's screen,
  • ability to create interactive notes during therapy/training,
  • expanded database of over 100 biofeedback games, which allows the user to select optimal training/therapy for any patient, in any age and almost any dysfunction,
  • innovative therapeutic biofeedback films and possibility to conduct therapy using patient's favourite films,
  • HL7 standard compatible with the ability to create plug-ins for individual users,
  • extraordinary flexibility of configuration to suit any needs.

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